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As a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, with a background in clinical research with infants and a degree in Psychology, I can say that working with & teaching children has been the continuation of a dream that started out, solely, as a passion for psychology. In psychology, I was on a quest of discovery in my search for the meaning behind human nature. But it was not until I conducted research and took classes with pioneers in child development, such as John Campos, Mary Main and Alison Gopnik that my interest in early childhood development peaked. It was here, my quest found meaning. I learned how adult relationships developed from Mary Main’s Infant Attachment Theory and that the acquisition of language began with “Motherese.” It is through this magical development of children we see the birth, awakening, and growth of human nature. In this respect, shaping and guiding early childhood development can have a positive impact on humanity. And as a leader of adults who teach little ones, as a teacher, myself, there can be nothing more inspiring or meaningful than making the world a better place: one child at a time.

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I have been part of the team for 3 and a half years so far. I love teaching children and seeing their growth and progress. 

I am currently still in school majoring in Child Development and Family Studies. I enjoy applying what I learn in our classroom and collaborating unique ways to help each child thrive in our care.

I have been working with children for many years. My first job was working at an afterschool program and my love grow from there. I have worked in 2 second grade classrooms, a teachers helper in a special education class, a play/art teacher at Gymboree, and a after school program. Prior to working at aKIDemia I also worked for the IHSS as a care giver for an elderly lady. 

In my free time I enjoy expressing my self threw art. As well as spending time with my family and Friends and going on long adventures with my dog. 

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I have been employed with aKIDemia for almost three years and I absolutely love it. I started working with children in 2011 and have been in this field ever since. I have the opportunity to interact and witness many milestones children go through and enjoy seeing them grow and flourish.


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I have been working at aKIDemia since 2013. In my family, I have a husband, a 10 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. 
Being a part of this school mean a lot to me. Children are adorable and innocent. That is why I always wanted to teach, to care for and inspire confidence. I know each and every parent wants their children to be happy and safe, and that is what I like to ensure.


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