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Learning through Play

Educational research has shown that high-quality early childhood education can significantly boost a child’s chances of scholastic and life-skills achievement. The goal of aKIDemia is to provide an education that fosters the cognitive, motor, and socio-emotional growth and development of your child. In reaching this goal, we strive to instill a love of learning that is both meaningful and relevant to children’s lives. Our dedication toward your child’s learning process begins from the moment your child sets foot in our classroom. From this point on, each step your child takes is a progressive building block in his/her journey toward kindergarten.

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Group vs. Individual Learning

aKIDemia is a nurturing environment, which fosters the socio-emotional development of children, as they learn the dynamics of social interaction to cooperate with and to help one another. In this respect, the heterogeneously mixed age group setting is an exceptional learning experience.


A Structured Learning Environment

A daily and monthly schedule of activities is planned and placed prominently in the classroom to establish a daily rhythm. This enables the child to feel comfortable and secure within our classroom environment within the knowledge that activities will occur within a regularized time frame.


Open Communication, Mutual Respect & Parental Involvement

Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Research has shown that a positive relationship between teacher and student has a positive influence on a child's attitude toward his/her future education...

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